Xango Juice first came to market in 2002

Xango Juice first came to market in 2002, a category creating wellness drink harnessing the pure goodness of the whole Mangosteen Fruit (Garcinia Mangostana) a fruit revered for centuries in South East Asia and now known, after extensive research, to contain nature’s highest concentration of beneficial xanthones and plant nutrients known as Phytonutrients.Responsible for the pigmentation in botanicals, Phytonutrients contain high amounts of antioxidants that may support respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health and joint health. Evidence suggests that Xango Juice may have the ability to reduce CRP Levels, an indicator of cardiovascular health. Antioxidant Benefits of the Mangosteen The Mangosteen Fruit has long been researched by scientists the world over for it’s potential to destroy the free radicals that are thought to damage calls and cause heart disease and cancer. In fact, the world renowned Mayo Clinic is using Xango Juice in an independent multi-year study to measure the long term effects and possible health benefits of the mangosteen. With more people the world over now looking for alternative ways to improve their health and wellness naturally, Xango Juice offers them a safe alternative; safe from the time of harvesting right through to manufacture, a wellness drink that is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides Xango Juice meets an uncompromising level of high safety and manufacturing standards and has been demonstrated to be safe for use for everyone from the ages of 2 to 92. A wellness product, Xango Juice offers millions of people around the world, a plethora of benefits that include quality, sound science, sensational flavor and an authoritative brand presence that has made Xango Juice the only name of consequence in Mangosteen nutrition.


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