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XANGO Meal Pack Donation, 40 Meals

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The XANGO Meal Pack is the meal replacement humanitarian product that provides the first step out of starvation for those in need. This Meal Pack Donation will provide approximately 40 meals and will literally save lives. Wholesale Price Includes all shipping costs.

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Product Description

Why the XANGO Meal Pack?
For the past six years, XANGO Goodness has enabled our Distributors, executives and employees to get involved, roll up their sleeves, and make a positive impact on the welfare of children and families across the globe. From Thailand to Peru, across Europe, North America and Asia, XANGO Goodness has set a standard in our industry and helped change the lives of both givers and recipients.

As XANGO Founders have traveled to diverse locations around the planet on Goodness missions, they have witnessed firsthand the hunger epidemic affecting many. Touched by what they see, they have asked the questions: What is the need? What can we do to help? XANGO Distributors the world over ask the question: What more can I do?

What is the XANGO Meal Pack?

XANGO offers an opportunity to do more and change lives through the XANGO Meal Pack. This product is a meal replacement program that is the first step out of starvation. A dry powder formulation for the severely malnourished, it helps to strengthen those who cannot properly digest solid food due to long periods of poverty, famine and other disasters.

The XANGO Meal Pack is an innovative product formulation. It is effective in meeting basic nutritional needs by simply adding water.

How can Distributors get involved?

Through this program, XANGO Distributors can now help nourish the world’s starving population in a very personal and practical way. Each Meal Pack ordered will be delivered by our distribution partner to needy parts of the world.

Weight Meals
9 lbs 35
4.5 lbs 17

Place your order through MYXANGO OFFICE or call 1.800.010.524.

Is there recognition for Distributors who actively promote the Meal Pack Program?

Giving back to assist those most in need is the noblest of endeavors and something we like to recognize. Distributors who actively participate in the program and purchase Meal Packs will receive titles and certificates accompanied by hand-crafted gifts from the regions where Meal Packs are distributed. Additionally, they will be recognized at XANGO events, in Go Magazine and on the Web.

Who distributes the XANGO Meal Pack?

XANGO has partnered with AmeriCares to ensure the delivery of XANGO Meal Packs where they are most needed. For nearly three decades AmeriCares has worked through strategic partnerships to provide more than $8 billion USD of aid to 137 countries. Their uncompromising security procedures assure that assistance is delivered to the designated beneficiaries and not diverted. AmeriCares beneficiaries range from institutions like tertiary hospitals to children’s homes to far-reaching outpost clinics allowing them to deliver aid to children and families around the world who would otherwise go without. Learn more at www.americares.org.

Help Us Make a Difference

XANGO is pleased to offer this much-needed product and help fill a global humanitarian need through XANGO Goodness.

“This is the next step in empowering the XANGO Goodness movement to extend its worldwide impact,” said XANGO founder Gordon Morton. “Imagine—through the XANGO Meal Pack we have the ability to save countless lives.”


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