A little bit about Me

As a mother, nanny, author, specialist softball coach and the “queen of self generated disasters” throughout a great deal of my life, I finally came to the inevitable conclusion, that it was time for me to either put up or shut-up. Hence my decision and affirmative action to not just merely write a book that would hopefully entertain or sate the curiosity of people the world over, but to tackle the ticklish topic of Self Development.

Through the good, the bad and the ugliness of my experiences and the immense difficulty of the processes involved in unearthing, developing and redefining myself as an person, I was able to share my story in a way that actually assists people in understanding as I had to learn, that good really can come from bad. Although not due for release until 2017 it is my contribution as an individual in a global society desperately clinging to the hope that we on a united front, can create a better world for men, women and children alike: a world where love, respect, significance and the inbuilt philanthropic need we all have to help our fellow human beings, remains paramount.