JUNI by XANGO® – Nourishing Conditioner

Nourishing Conditioners how do they work?

Conditioners work in much the same way as moisturizers do on the face in that they create a seal of natural moisturisers and emollients that serve to hydrate and nourish the hair, thus making it healthier, shinier, and more resilient to damage. The benefit naturally is that when your hair has a healthy moisture level, it becomes more manageable, more pliable, and holds a style better.

What makes JUNI Nourishing Conditioner so special?

With the use of enriching bergamot, cleansing citrus and calming ylang ylang combining to reinvigorate your mind and promote a sense of well-being, your hair will be replenished with moisture from the nourishing Mangosteen along with, amino acids and botanicals for a silky-soft, silky smooth and much more manageable finish.

  • Hydrating botanicals specifically formulated to nourish hair with natural amino acids and oils, leaving hair more supple, smoother and softer
  • Restores the natural shine and radiance whilst safeguarding the hair from heat styling and environmental damage
  • Perfect for normal to dry hair and also damaged hair including colour damaged hair
  • JUNI’s original aroma: a compilation of uplifting, calming, soothing essential oils
  • Bergamot — Gives a feeling of freshness and uplifting joy.
  • Lemon — Helps purify and revitalize the mind.
  • Ylang Ylang — Soothes and calms during times of tension and stress

Delivering as always JUNI products that cleanse

Delivering as always, JUNI products that cleanse, refresh, and enrich both the hair and skin with clean, safe formulations that feature Thailand’s nourishing Mangosteen and an aroma therapeutic experience, with 100% pure essential oil blends designed to relax, energize and awaken the senses within

  • Mangosteen pericarp oil restores balance whilst soothing challenged skin. It calms inflammation to stimulate healthy skin.
  • Mangosteen infusion produces a natural blend of phytonutrients that support and maintain healthier and more radiant-looking hair.
  • Amino acids, the foundation blocks of hair and skin, are infused with mangosteen to repair, intensify and strengthen hair from the inside out thus improving its body and sheen.
  • Sweet almond cake assists in reinvigorating the hair whilst increasing its strength. Weakened hair will quickly regain vitality with increased volume and shine.
  • Mango butter, long known for its abilities to rejuvenate the hair and the skin, while leaving the hair well conditioned and properly hydrated.
  • Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter/Orbignia speciosa kernel oil — helps visibly correct damaged hair and is proven to be more effective than heavy silicones at restoring hair smoothness, strength, and lustre

The ultimate natural hair experience delivered by XANGO and one that gives you, the opportunity to cleanse and nourish your hair whilst honoring the environment

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