JUNI by XANGO® – Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil

When to use Treatment Oils on your hair
Not everyone has a perfect healthy head of hair with the perfect healthy scalp to match with excessive dryness or oiliness so often posing a problem; those times when the application of a good natural hair and scalp treatment can restore and reinvigorate the hair and scalp simultaneously.

Juni’s Hair and scalp Treatment Oil delivers the ideal solution.

Wholesome Mangosteen, stimulating peppermint, purifying rosemary, cleansing thyme, harmonizing cedarwood and soothing lavender assists in not only the cleansing process but increasing hair density whilst stimulating the scalp.

  • Nourishes, stimulates and refreshes the scalp to promote healthier hair
  • Improves and advances hair density significantly
  • Naturally safe and effective treatment for healthier hair and scalp
  • 100% pure essential oils deliver stimulating and re-energising sensations

Juni’s hair and scalp treatment oil instantly revitalizes internal and external hair fiber with long-lasting moisture and nourishment

How does Juni’s Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil differ from other products?

In keeping with the company’s foundational philosophy to do no harm, the Juni range delivers products that are authentic and painstakingly safe both for the consumer and the environment

The new Juni yields products that cleanse, refresh, and nourish with likewise, clean and safe formulations featuring Thailand’s wholesome Mangosteen whilst delivering an aromatherapy experience with 100% pure essential oil blends designed specifically, to relax, re-energize and awaken the senses

  • Mangosteen pericarp oil creates balance while soothing challenged skin. It calms inflammation in order to stimulate healthier skin.
  • Rosemary oil is a natural purifier that deep-cleans the scalp, removes all traces of sebum and build-up from product or the environment, and leaves you with a cleaner and more healthful scalp.
  • Peppermint stimulates the mind, increases mental alertness, freshens the skin, diminishes redness and pacifies irritation.
  • Lavender oil, used with a scalp massage, is an efficient way to nourish the hair while balancing oil production.
  • Cedarwood oil assists in balancing the scalp’s oil production.

Juni Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil – the perfect way to care for your hair and scalp naturally

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