Glimpse® Luminescence Repair

Glimpse® Luminescence Repair

What is going on with my skin?

It is a question commonly asked by those struggling with changes to their skin.

Just as your skin reacts from cool to warmer weather so it does from warm to cooler weather; that difficult period of season acclimatization, when your skin seems to react to anything and everything: from dryness and itchiness, to excessive oiliness and blemishes. The Glimpse Luminescence Repair, a product exclusive to Xango, delivers the life force of the Mangosteen Fruit in a highly concentrated essence. It is laden with vibrant yellow xanthones that assist in energising and fortifying the skin’s natural collagen production, thus soothing the signs of inflammation.

When used in conjunction with the Luminescence collection, the products allow you to intensify and individualize the power of the Mangosteen’s topical antioxidant protection. When used separately, the two Luminescence formulations bathe your skin in opulent amounts of pure Mangosteen yet mixed together, form an intensely soothing, nourishing and restorative solution. Combined with your other favored Glimpse products, the Luminescence range enriches and personalises your natural, beautiful topical nutrition. These dynamic Mangosteen actives work in harmony to deliver superior, illuminating and restorative results.

The Science behind Glimpse Luminescence Repair

Repair, as a very formidable constituent of the Bio-Active X3 Complex™, Glimpse Luminescence Repair (formally known as Mangosteen Pericarp Oil) is derived from the Mangosteen Fruit through an innovative and customized Japanese biofermentation procedure that is designed to deliver optimal skin wellbeing. Better known as “liquid gold,” Glimpse Luminescence Repair stimulates a fresher, brighter and firmer appearance.

Benefits of using Glimpse Luminescence Repair

Supported by third party analysis and in-vitro studies where Repair was shown to calm, protect and promote improved skin health, the benefits of using the product can best be summarized:

  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Soothes the signs of inflammation
  • Safeguards the skin from the oxidizing effects of free radicals

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