Giving Back

“Giving Back” to those in need is the fundamental element of XANGO’s wellness mission – the everyday essential of how Xango has done business since 2002.

A philanthropic cause now reaching staggering proportions across the globe!

Did you know that inadequate nourishment globally, causes 45% of deaths in children under the age of 5?

Traveling to far-reaching and diverse locations around the world on Goodness Missions, the founders of XANGO witnessed firsthand the hunger epidemic affecting so many. Clearly moved by the experience, they learned of the distressing paradox of the malnourished: bodies unable to properly absorb the nutrition being provided. Collaboratively, the Xango founders launched a development program designed to engineer a groundbreaking meal replacement program to help nourish children and their families.

A unique, water-soluble formulation, the Goodness Meal Replacement Pack is able to deliver crucial nutrients and vitamins in a way that malnourished bodies can best absorb and utilize them. Today, the Xango Meal Pack program in the quest to reach other populations in desperate situations continues to provide millions of meals to undernourished children and families the world over.

Rich in nutrients the Goodness Meal Replacement Pack is a concentrated source of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals that effectively provides:

  •    Desperately needed sustenance for the malnourished via a formulation that requires only, the addition of water
  • A deeply personal and Increased level of satisfaction for all Xango   customers and Distributors, through this very positive association of “Changing Lives and Giving Back” to worthy causes

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