Compensation Plan

In 2002 XANGO shocked the network-marketing world with a product and compensation that still give competitors fits:

SIMPLE — Our plan is simple to build and simple to explain.
GENEROUS — Our plan pays 50% of commissionable volume, and it’s created more than 100 million-dollar earners in under 12 years. (Note: We didn’t say “up to 50%” or “as much as 50%”—we pay 50%. And that’s good for business.)
GLOBAL — Our plan offers multiple streams of income: weekly, monthly, and quarterly. And it’s seamless: Qualify once in your home market, and you qualify throughout our more than 40 international markets.
REWARDING — We offer amazing incentives, including global bonuses beginning at 1K, a lifestyle/car bonus beginning at 5K, rank-advancement bonuses beginning at 20K, and exotic trips beginning at Premier.

Lightning can strike more than once—and XANGO keeps lighting up the sky day after day, year after year. We do it with products, compensation and an electric atmosphere that no one else can match. We lead with boldness, and we support with love. We honor true effort, and we astonish with attitude.

It’s been said that “the future belongs to those who seek it out and embrace it….”

We’ve sought it out, we’re embracing it, and we invite the world to join with us.

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