Benefits of being a Xango Customer

Not everyone has the desire to run a home business with many people much preferring the option of using the product without the pressure of having to sell it.

So, what are the options?

  1. The first way is whereby customers buy the product through an independent Xango distributor with the downfall being, that the customer is required to pay the full retail price.
  2. The second option available is that of signing up as a Preferred Customer – a system designed and reserved for Xango’s most loyal customers.

What is a Preferred Customer?

Preferred Customers are those who seek to purchase the XANGO wellness products on a regular basis (ADP – automatic delivery) and at the wholesale rate without the pressure of having to sign up as an Independent Distributor. Preferred customers can be thought of as a cross between a customer and a distributor with all commissions and bonuses however, going to the distributor and NOT the customer or the preferred customer. Essentially, the Preferred Customer option is about making things easier for the distributor however, it also makes it easier for the preferred customer with zero sign up fees upon joining. When signing up as a preferred customer, no sensitive information is required from them while still enjoying the benefit of wholesale prices on all wellness products. They are given a Preferred Customer Account ID number that keeps track of orders placed and the address for which an order is forwarded.

What’s in it for the Independent distributor?

For the distributor introducing and signing up the preferred customer, it is a unique way of growing their business with a constant source of volume being added every month thus increasing the level of commissions earned by that distributor. Should you be interested in becoming a preferred customer or alternatively, finding out more, simply fill in your details with an assurance that information shared with us, remains safe with us.

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